There’s so much more to photography than the click of the shutter. I’ve spent years working hard on my craft, investing in gear, and education. Your investment reflects the value of the skills I’ve acquired and the services I provide. I go the extra mile diving deep into your story making sure I capture your unique legacy... exactly as you remember it.

Couples & Engagements

Two hours
Two locations
Two outfits
20 retouched photos
Online gallery + print release
1 A3 print


Portraits & Photoshoots

Two hours
Client's location (Studio shoots cost £60 per hour)
Two outfits
15 retouched photos
Online gallery + print release



- Full Day Event comes with digital delivery of around 250 images

- Half Day Event comes with digital delivery of around 180 images

- Retouched images can be delivered - £20 per image

Half Day - £400, Full Day - £600


Eight hours
500 retouched photos
Online gallery + print release
Additional fees apply for destination weddings



Five hours
180 edited photos
Online gallery + print release


EXTRAS AND add ons


Whether it’s hopping on a plane to come and meet you at the base of your favourite mountain, or jumping in a car to explore somewhere that plays a crucial part of your life story, I love a new adventure. If you’d like to scheme an adventure closer to me, I’ll take the trip for free within 10 miles radius. If I am going a little further afield, here are my rates:

I’ll drive myself up to three hours away for a £40/hour travel fee.

  • Lodging (Cost of AirBnb or Hotel)
  • Food (£50/day)
  • Flights (cost of economy flight)
  • Rental car (rental car fee and gas)

Extra half hour coverage

Sometimes you need a bit more time to express yourself. Whether it’s because you just don’t trust the kids to give me what I need in one hour or if you simply want a little more time to make soulmate magic, booking in an extra slice of time can make a massive difference.


Second shooter

As much as I wish I could be in two places at once, I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet. I try my darndest to capture everything that I can, but having a second shooter helps me make sure I catch all the most important moments in the best light.

£50 per hour

Extra digital downloads

For when every single photo is your favourite photo and you don’t want to have to drive yourself crazy choosing your top 20, 40, or 50. Have ‘em all and have more to look back to fuel those sentimental afternoons.


Extra editing time

Want some photos in B&W, or wish that fly-away hair would disappear? I got you! I'm happy to spend extra time making your favorite images absolutely perfect.

£60 per hour

5 x 7 Prints

Nothing makes a house a home like emotive pictures on the wall. Take your photos off the screen and let them work their magic of warming up your living space. 

£6 each

8"x10" Album

Call me old school, but this is my favourite way to look through photos. Having albums on the shelf that you can just pull down and share with family over a cup of tea or during major turning points in life help you preserve memories for yourself and your loved ones for years to come.



How many images will we receive?

This depends on the type of session you do. Please refer to the individual sessions for more details

Do you travel for photoshoots?

Absolutely! However, there might be some charges attached.

What’s in your camera bag?

A bit of gear here and there. I am the workman and I consider my gear just a tool. Give me your phone and I would deliver an image packed with creativity and story.

How long have you been a photographer?

It's not how long but how well. 3 years as a professional photographer, but over 6 years mastering the art. I am privileged to have been tutored and mentored by the world's best photographers like Jide Alakija, Siva Haran , Karl Taylor, Joel Edelman, Jerry Ghionis, etc

Can we meet you before booking?

Absolutely! Fill the contact form or give me a ring.

What should we wear for photos?

Something free, stylish and conveys the story you would like to tell. Better still, I can refer you to a stylist

What if we need to raincheck or cancel?

It's no problem. Just make sure it is a month before. Else, you might lose your retainer or payment.

Do you give us all of the RAW files?

Unfortunately not. Only JPG files are delivered to you. If you do really want the RAW files, we might work out a contract for this.

how to BOOK ME

Now that you’ve got the lowdown, let’s make this a thing!

Here’s what’s next:

  1. Get a hold of me, ask me as many questions as you want, and you and I will get right into figuring out if we’re made for each other the way that I think we probably are (especially if you made it all the way through this guide)!
  2. Give me the word, say ‘I do,’ and I’ll shoot you a contract so we can make it official. It’s 50% to lock-in the date, and 50% 7 days prior to the photoshoot.
  3. I’ll shoot you a questionnaire so that I can get the creative wheels in motion as I begin to envision our shoot and the most authentic way to capture your whole true self!


Ready to Begin?